BP’s engagement of C&E over many years has focused mainly around addressing the challenges and opportunities inherent in putting societal consideration at the heart of business policies and practices. C&E has been engaged by BP to:

  • Help to secure project mandate for a major social innovation (inclusive growth / Shared Value) project

  • Identify and secure project champions, investment and resource to drive a major social innovation process and programme

  • Review and help create a global strategy for effective and systematic engagement of one of the company's key stakeholder groups

  • Provide strategic counsel and support to the CR Lead


  • The mandate and enabling environment secured for the innovation process resulted in the creation of a biomass gasification stove providing a threefold increase in efficiency, at a highly affordable price, relative to conventional alternatives for rural and urban ‘bottom of the pyramid’ consumers in India (the initiative was selected as “Technology Pioneer 2012” by the World Economic Forum).

  • Other C&E collaborations with BP has enabled the company to make informed decisions and to more effectively and efficiently navigate its relationships with key groups of stakeholders.