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Diabetes UK Project Scope

Work with senior colleagues across the organisation to explore the strategic role that private sector engagement (corporates, HNWIs and foundations) can play in the mission to create a world where diabetes can do no harm.  

• Facilitate a process to clarify and ensure organisational alignment around a clear ambition, objectives and alignment around ambitious, strategic partnerships

• Review organisational capabilities to support delivery of strategy

Tesco Project Scope

In support of the company’s well-being and community engagement agenda –

  • Convene and facilitate an entry-phase planning process for a tri-partite cross-sector partnership between Tesco, British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK

  • Support the development of ideas to help change the nation’s health for the better

 This award-winning collaboration is also influencing changes in Tesco’s health and well-being practices

Common Seas Project Scope

Act as external advisor and critical friend to this highly regarded, catalyst non-profit as it transitions towards a new strategy focused on identifying and scaling sustainable solutions to man-made challenges facing the oceans and seas. Specific engagements include:

• Working with Common Seas to plan, convene and facilitate an engagement process involving globally leading research scientists, medical doctors, lawyers, campaigners and others to explore and identify increased evidence and awareness of the impacts of plastics to human health

• Providing ongoing counsel to the organisation lead on strategy and operationalisation of key priorities

British Council Project Scope

Work with stakeholders to design, facilitate and advise on forward process for a major British Council-funded initiative designed inform and drive forward sustainable engineering in Indonesia.

• Contribute to (milestone workshop) programme design
• Facilitate process to enhance the forging of links between major engineering research institutions in Indonesia and the UK and to encourage development of themes for future cross-country research and development post-event
• Ensure effective engagement from multiple (governmental, academic, private sector) stakeholders

Warner Bros. Project Scope

Work with the SVP International Communications and colleagues to:

  • Review WBUK’s current performance in Diversity and Inclusion, benchmark WBUK against competitor and comparator set and recommend practical steps to improve the company’s D&I performance

  • Create a CR strategy and framework for WB in the UK covering CR governance, marketplace, workplace, environment and community

  • Advise on securing appropriate investment of resources to enable delivery of strategy

  • Identify flagship programmes across the CR programmes

  • Provide ongoing counsel to activate and sustain delivery of the strategy

British Heart Foundation Project Scope

Work with BHF to review and enhance the value of one of its signature corporate partnerships

• Design and deploy a process to help internal stakeholders from various functions to identify and align around a jointly agreed ambition and objectives for the partnership
• Identify barriers and solutions to transform partnership performance, and
• Enable colleagues to commit to key actions, forward processes and behaviours designed to leverage enhanced, multiple value from the re-invigorated partnership

Walgreens Boots Alliance Project Scope

• Work alongside the global brands sustainability and regulatory team, bringing external insight and challenge to support efforts to create responsible and sustainable supply chains Including advancing traceability), and to enhance trust in WBA brands and products

World Food Programme Project Scope

• Support the global Private Sector Partnerships division in their bid to evolve their technical and non-technical capability and capacity, including helping to enhance the team’s understanding and practices in strategic prospecting and pipeline management

Prostate Cancer UK Project Scope

  • Work with the leadership, Trustees and other stakeholders to develop a strategic framework for corporate partnerships

  • Support the identification of key prospects

  • Plan, facilitate, and support the development of compelling propositions designed to create mission-led value for PCUK and partners

  • Support the 'go to market' processes, including helping to create culture shifts to secure an enabling internal environment

Old Mutual Wealth Project Scope

• Work with the sustainability team to frame the company’s response to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act. In particular
• Provide guidance to OMW’s procurement teams on how to identify levels of risk of human trafficking within the company’s top tier supplier chain – and additionally
• Reviewed OMW’s response to the MSA against a sample set of comparator companies
• Reviewed related OMW policies and evolving MSA response practices and
• Made recommendations to validate and improve the company’s approach

BT Project Scope

  • Conduct a formal review of the advantages and disadvantages of a range of instruments through which BT's CR ambitions might best be delivered

  • Make recommendations based on review

Plan UK Project Scope

  • Review the corporate partnerships landscape and assess the opportunities for Plan UK

  • Review and help create a mission-led, integrated strategy for corporate engagement relevant to campaigns, communications, programme delivery and income generation

  • Work with Pkan UK to identify and prioritise prospective corporate partners

  • Work with Plan UK to create compelling propositions to drive engagement with key prospects

  • Advise on the corporate engagement process

Aviva Project Scope

  • Work with the sustainability team to frame the company’s response to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015. In particular,

  • Provide guidance to Aviva’s procurement teams on how to identify levels of risk of human trafficking within the company’s top tier supply chain

  • Create an inspirational community and employee engagement programme to support the transition from Norwich Union to Aviva

  • Develop strong cross-sector partnerships to realise programme

Canal & River Trust Project Scope

  • Work with the leadership, Trustees and other stakeholders to develop a strategic framework for corporate partnerships
  • Support the identification of key prospects
  • Plan, facilitate, and support the development of compelling propositions designed to create mission-led value for Canal & River Trust and partners
  • Support the 'go to market' processes, including helping to create culture shifts to secure an enabling internal environment

Allianz Project Scope

  • Undertake sector-wide and broader CR benchmarking to inform evolution of CR approach
  • Support the development of Allianz UK CR strategy
  • Provide ongoing strategic counsel to the UK CR lead
  • Advise on the creation of collaborations with external organisations

Unilever Project Scope

As part of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan’s imperative to put sustainable living at the heart of the company’s brands, inspiring consumers and grow sales…
• Design a process for, and work with Unilever (at corporate and brand levels) and a key brand partner, to review and transform the value generated from a key partnership for consumers, Unilever and its non-commercial partner

netFWD Project Scope

  • Support the convening of netFWD’s member foundations (institutional, private and corporate) to explore the framing and measurement of foundation ‘impact’ in the SDGs era
  • Advise on process for working collaboration between foundations
  • Facilitate the collaboration exploration and workstream planning processes

Ikea Project Scope

Conduct an evaluation of the international WWF-IKEA Partership in order to:

  • Improve the partnership way of working
  • Enable even more environmental benefits to be achieved (across cotton, forests and climate change initiatives) and
  • Decrease IKEA´s ecological footprint.

NSPCC Project Scope

  • Create strategy to enable a 'quantum leap' in the NSPCC's engagement with the corporate sector and in the value gained from and given to partners
  • Design and support an internal change process to enhance integrated thinking and delivery on the corporate partnerships agenda
  • Enhance the governance framework and processes to support delivery of the new strategy
  • Design and facilitate a process to enable the NSPCC and Microsoft - its longest standing corporate partner - to enhance and transform their partnership (in brand, income, service delivery, customer and supporter engagment terms)

Vodafone Project Scope

  • Provide strategic counsel to support delivery of Vodafone's social investment agenda
  • Plan, facilitate and manage 'The Innovation Group', a Vodafone Foundation-led collaboration between leading corporate brands with a shared mission

Young Minds Project Scope

• Work with the CEO and senior leadership team to identify and address factors that will enable the organisation to adapt to the rapidly changing and increasingly mainstream ‘young people and mental health’ landscape
• Enhance effective working at leadership levels
• Provide ongoing counsel on the transformation process

Citi Project Scope

• Advise on the articulation of an EMEA region-wide Community Development strategy
• Advise on the lead social theme for the region
• Lead the search and selection process, and advise on the sourcing and inception process for a region-wide community partner for Citi
• Collaborate with HR and community colleagues to enhance the connection between / better leverage the community and leadership & development agendas

WWF Project Scope

• Advise on and facilitate the process for ambition / goal setting, ideas co-development, governance and project road-mapping for a major collaboration between WWF and two world leading companies on a milestone global environmental communications and behaviour change initiative
• Plan and conduct an end of term review of the WWF-IKEA partnership – one of WWF’s most significant international partnerships focused on cotton, forests and climate change

HSBC Project Scope

The HSBC Climate Partnership (HCP) is a five year, US$100m partnership with HSBC, The Climate Group, Earthwatch, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and WWF to combat climate change by inspiring individuals, businesses and governments worldwide. C&E's deliverables:

  • Conduct an independent mid-term review of the of HCP on behalf of all the partners 
  • Provide actionable learning points that can be applied in the 2nd half of the partnership
  • Provide reassurance to stakeholders that HCP is fulfilling potential in terms of benefit to HSBC, the NGO partners and communities served  
  • Lay clear foundations for an end of programme review

E.ON Project Scope

  • Facilitate the creation of group CR strategy
  • Provide ongoing strategic counsel and project support to the CR lead
  • Help clarify role of the CR function in the realization of corporate and business strategy
  • Facilitate senior leadership team process to bring CR to Life
  • Advise on the creation of NGO Engagement Strategy
  • Advise on / facilitate the development of E.ON — NGO dialogues and collaboration
  • Create a stakeholder engagement dashboard
  • Design and facilitate the implementation of a co-creative social innovation process

Hitachi Project Scope

  • Support the company’s Europe-wide efforts to create value through an enhanced diversity and inclusion progamme by
    • Undertaking external benchmarking
    • Providing external expertise and insights
    • Supporting the convening of senior leaders and key stakeholders across various business divisions
    • Moderating cross-stakeholder dialogue, and
    • Advising on forward process planning

CBRE Project Scope

  • Conduct an external evaluation of the Girls' Education Challenge partnership between CBRE and Plan International. The initiative was established to help provide education to more than 135,000 children, particularly girls in Sierra Leone.
  • Highlight successes and points for further improvement across all aspects of the collaboration (structure, focus, term, etc.)
  • Make recommendations to the partners

Kingfisher Project Scope

  •  Work with senior business colleagues to frame a clear approach to the company’s supply chain, employee, and customer communities, linking these to a coherent sustainability strategy.
  •  Support the development of policies, strategies, and implementation processes for the above
  •  Provide ongoing external challenge and support to the programme lead and team

ICRC Project Scope

• At global level, undertake a review of the rapidly evolving external landscape for private sector engagement, including detailed benchmarking of the ICRC against a clearly identified competitive set of international humanitarian organisations
• Inform and support the framing of ICRC’s response to aid the mutual leveraging of humanitarian, organisational, financial and reputational value between the ICRC and private sector actors
• Support the role out of a clarified engagement approach to key Markets within ICRC’s evolved organisational structure

Credit Suisse Project Scope

 Design process for - and facilitate - a forum for the partners in the Credit Suisse Global Education Initiative to:

  • exchange expertise and share learning
  • Explore possibility of a signature element to GEI
  • Explore other possibilities for innovation

Provide ongoing counsel for GEI leader, including helping to

  • Create a high profile, skills-based employee engagement programme

Oxfam Project Scope

• Landscape review and briefing on evolutions in the role of the private sector (corporates, HNWIs and foundations) in the development and humanitarian agendas
• Advice on implications for Oxfam and inform strategies for response across high value channels and functions
• Support capacity building efforts
• Provide ongoing external challenge and counsel to the corporate partnerships lead

Rolls Royce Project Scope

• Conduct an analysis of issues (environmental, social, governance), impacts, risks and opportunities related to Rolls-Royce and the evolving NGO landscape
• Work with the sustainability team and senior stakeholders at group level to inform development of a more proactive and strategic approach to NGO stakeholder engagement and management
• Advice on processes for forward management and periodic reviews of progress against strategy

Christian Aid Project Scope

  • Review the corporate engagement landscape
  • Assess the opportunities for Christian Aid within that market and
  • Advise on the creation of appropriate strategies

Rathbone Project Scope

  • Scope and design a social innovation process to drive service design and delivery, income generation, brand development, and enhance Rathbone's effectiness in reaching and supporting young people
  • Work with the leadership and cross-functional teams to help establish an innovation culture across the organisation

Practical Action Project Scope

Plan and conduct an extensive piece of supporter research designed to:

  • Establish how Practical Action can create appropriate 'supporter journeys' that inspire them, increase their support and reduce attrition
  • Gain feedback on Practical Action's campaigns and contact strategy to date, as well as ideas for the future
  • Develop insight that can be used to support and drive the supporter acquisition strategy and new product development
  • Develop an understanding of the different types of supporters

RNIB Project Scope

  • Undertake absolute, relative and market assessment of one of the RNIB's assets to help determine the 'go to market' value
  • Assess the (services, campaigns, brand and income related) opportunities available from a key sector and advice the RNIB on how to maximise value from the sector in question

Peabody Project Scope

  • Review the corporate engagement landscape and assess the opportunities for Peabody
  • Validate and enhance Peabody's strategy for corporate engagement
  • Work with Peabody to identify and prioritise prospective corporate partners
  • Work with Peabody to create compelling propositions to drive engagement with key prospects
  • Advise on the corporate engagement process

AstraZeneca Project Scope

  • Provide insight into the wider global Community Investment landscape in order to inform strategic decision making
    • Review global C.I. expectations of leading companies, and trends
    • Identify exemplars and role models

The Eve Appeal Project Scope

 Work with the CEO and Eve Appeal colleagues to:

  • Create a corporate partnerships strategy
  • Identify and prioritize prospective partners
  • Create compelling propositions for the lead prospects
  • Advice on the prospect engagement process - and on enhancing the value of existing corporate relationships

Malaria No More Project Scope

• Review past performance regarding MNM’s partnership with a key partner
• Provide creative and tactical support on ideas generation to catalyse the next phase of the partnership
• Work through a compelling value proposition to inform the transition of important partnerships from tactical relationships to mutually significant strategic partnerships collaborations