Unleashing the potential of digital in the quest for at-scale and high-impact social value creation

Thursday, June 4, 2020

This virtual Breakfast Dialogue session will be moderated by Manny Amadi, C&E CEO and led by Cain Ullah*, CEO of Red Badger, a highly sought-after digital innovation and transformation leader, and Vice Chair of the Society of Digital Agencies – the global community of digital agency leaders, creative visionaries and tech disruptors.

Session topic

The Covid-19 disruption has created a new (or accelerated) imperative that organisations in all sectors now face: how to draw on the power of digital and tech to address their social, environmental and commercial challenges and opportunities – including their sustainability and SDG related goals. This session will explore and address:

  • The role and value of digital transformation in addressing societal impact issues at scale
  • The factors that underpin success in digital adoption and sustainable implementation
  • How to avoid the all too prevalent risk of building the wrong thing, ensuring digital innovation delivers focused impact and outcomes
  • Whether a gap exists between sustainability / programmatic professionals and their product / tech specialists – and if so, how to bridge the gap

About the series:

C&E’s Breakfast Dialogue series are free, by invitation, informal discussions held over a light breakfast and involving a dozen or so senior participants from corporate, NGO and public sector backgrounds. They are highly interactive, informed, co-learning discussions in which participants share their perspectives, experiences and insights - under Chatham House Rules. (Participants for this cross-sector discussion are encouraged to bring their own croissant, coffees and teas to this Zoom session!)

Contact us here if you or your organisation is interested in attending this or future C&E Breakfast Dialogue events.

*Cain is CEO of Red Badger - a purpose-led digital product and innovation consultancy. The business works with leading companies (including The FT, Tesco, HSBC, Sky, Fortnum & Mason, NHS & others) to transform their digital capability by helping them identify the right problems to solve, develop digital products at scale and build and empower their teams by embedding new ways of working (building competence rather than dependence!). Red Badger have for many years been passionate about and involved in social impact work. Some of this has been pro bono (The Haller Foundation AppPride In London app) in addition to their work with NHS and other public purpose organisations. More recently they launched Mission Beyond which is focused on having impact on the 17 UN SDGs. ShareThyme a platform to facilitate human connection and help to tackle loneliness through different generations’ love of cooking, is a great example of this. Founded in 2010, Red Badger is independently owned.