Beau Crowder

Development & philanthropy

Beau has over 20 years’ experience of working worldwide in the education and development sectors. He has extensive experience working with foundations in systemic programme design, strategic portfolio development, management, plus monitoring and evaluation protocols. His sector focus includes early child development, primary education, school health and nutrition, as well as tertiary. He also specializes in developing strategic programmatic partnerships between national governments, multi and bi-lateral donors and foundations/private sector. 

Beau’s past roles include as Education Advisor at the Vitol Foundation and Director of Programs at Dubai Cares; the latter where he was responsible for the strategic planning, design and management of integrated worldwide education and development portfolio spanning 32 countries and over 70 programs. Prior to this he served as a country director on multiple US government funded programs in Africa and Eastern Europe. 

Beau has significant experience in working across the multi and bi-lateral arenas, both from a strategic funding and convening perspective. He was responsible for financing UNICEF education and WASH programs in Mali, Yemen, Mauritania, Sudan, and Niger, as well co-financed initiatives with the World Bank. He was pivotal in designing and implementing the first investment from a private foundation sector to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE). From 2016-2018 Beau was the representative for the foundation/private sector constituency on the GPE Strategy and Impact Committee, which concerns itself primarily with GPE global level issues related to strategic planning, policies, funding frameworks and monitoring performance. 

On the private sector side, beau has worked as an education and development advisor with some of the world’s largest energy companies (including Exxon Mobil, Hess, and Vitol), as well as developed and financed public private partnerships (both strategic and financial) in the low-cost private schools sector.  Beau holds a BA in Geography from Oxford University and an MSc in Economics from Imperial College, University of London.  

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