Stars Foundation


Founded by a leading, and ambitious philanthropist, a constant imperative for the Stars Foundation is to find entrepreneurial and high-impact / high-efficiency ways to deliver its mission in collaboration with other actors. Over several years C&E has partnered with the Stars team, undertaking a number of assignments, including:

  • Advise STARS Foundation leadership personnel on its Shared Value / Inclusive business agenda and strategy
  • Review the internal and external landscape to determine supply side and demand side market needs and existing services
  • Help the Foundation to explore options for scaling its proven services across multiple continents
  • Work with the leadership team and staff to co-develop plans to operationalise the Foundation’s new strategy
  • Convene and facilitate an eco-system of like-minded foundations – helping them to better anticipate and respond collectively to the emerging global Sustainable Development Goals


Over recent years, Stars Foundation has strongly enhanced its reputation as a respected player in the foundation space, has grown in scale and impact, and is carving out a differentiated offering in what its high-impact philanthropist founder terms the “philanthropreneurship” arena