In essence, help the world’s leading agency for children to engage effectively with the corporate sector, including influencing the policies and practices of corporations so that their impacts on children and families are positive, and harnessing the assets of corporate and private sectors actors in order to more efficiently deliver results for children – sustainably, and at scale. C&E’s many engagements with UNICEF (at country, regional and global levels) have included undertaking the following assignments:

  •  Help develop a global Integrated Corporate Engagement Strategy covering all aspects of UNICEF's interactions with the private sector
  •  Help the leadership team of a National Committee to clarify the ethical framework guiding its corporate partnerships and decisions on how UNICEF will engage with companies on CR issues
  •  Facilitate a cross-organisational process to outline UNICEF’s own CSR proposition – a process that led to the development of UNICEF’s Business and Child Rights Principles
  •  Provide ongoing strategic guidance and coaching to the organisation’s corporate engagement leads
  •  Conduct a full review of the global cause marketing partnership between UNICEF and Pampers (P&G) – recommending ways to enhance this acclaimed collaboration
  •  Build a plan to operationalise a global corporate engagement programme
  •  Map the private sector (indigenous and foreign companies, trusts & foundations, and High Net-Worth Individuals), undertake deep engagement with these stakeholders and advise on the role of the private sector in the development agenda across Africa


Already highly admired in the cross-sector partnering arena, UNICEF is on a journey towards effective and high-impact collaborations. These relationships challenge private sector actors to evolve their practices for the better, whilst establishing deeper, mutually beneficial collaborations based on co-developed and sustainable solutions and results for children.