About Us


C&E exists to help our clients - some of the world’s foremost businesses, non-profits and leading philanthropists - to secure enduring and inclusive economic growth, social value, and environmental sustainability to the benefit of all.

We challenge and support our business clients in their journey to placing societal consideration and purpose at the heart of their sustainable business strategies and practices; work with non-profit organisations to transform their practices & enhance effectiveness in the drive to fulfil their social and environmental mission; and we similarly support ambitious philanthropists on their journey towards addressing increasingly complex and connected societal challenges. 

And because today’s challenges and opportunities require new ways of thinking, C&E is particularly adept at inspiring and enabling sometimes surprising cross-sector collaborations. We have advised – and continue to advise – on some of the world’s leading and best known corporate-NGO partnerships. 

We believe

In its purest sense, altruism is a rare thing: it is often limited in scope and hard to scale or sustain. That’s why we believe in the power of cause and effect - and in enlightened self-interest with integrity. In our experience solutions that have depth and integrity are the most effective, successful and sustainable: they can represent an irresistible force for change.

The Law of Cause and Effect states that everything happens for a reason; all actions and inactions have consequences and produce specific and predictable results. We work with our clients to better understand and take advantage of its principles to achieve the changes they seek.  

We know that when an issue becomes a “cause” it has the power to have a greater effect: it moves higher up the agenda for individuals, within an organisation, community or society; attracts greater support; and creates its own momentum where everything becomes possible. 

Our thinking

The world around us is rapidly evolving; social, economic and environmental forces are at work – challenging and blurring the traditional boundaries, responsibilities, expectations and relationships between Business, NGOs and Governmental actors. Our role at C&E is to help our clients navigate this emerging convergence across sectors in ways that secure sustainable value – shareholder, social and environmental.

About - C and E

Working with C&E is a joy.  They listen hard and get what we’re looking to achieve; act as a brilliant supportive challenger; and make us better at what we do and how we do it.  C&E has helped us create more value for the organisation, our people and the world around us.

Bella Vuillermoz Group Director, Operations, Sky