David Holding

Research & insight

David is an economics graduate with an early career in the commercial marketing communications arena. Having worked for a number of companies, including Pilkington PLC, David took his marketing skills to the charity sector where he held a range of roles in research, marketing and fundraising. He held senior roles at SCOPE and at Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Now in his third career as consultant and writer, David thrives on the challenges and opportunities that come from working with clients across different sectors. He is particularly valued for his ability to ask insightful questions, his independence of view, his 'make it happen' mind-set, as well as his ability to navigate his way through complexity.

David has worked extensively on research, marketing and fundraising projects for clients ranging from the International Federation of Red Cross and UNICEF International, to the BBC, NHS, the Environmental Agency, Barclays PLC and Boots PLC. He has also worked on a range of projects for the Government of Jersey, various universities, and many smaller voluntary sector organizations.

A born analyst and critic, David has also worked on a freelance basis for various media. He is an investment writer and writes regularly for The Motley Fool — the financial investment website.

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