Hannah Jepson

Diversity, Inclusion & Representation

A highly experienced business psychologist, Hannah is committed to driving social change by helping organisations become more inclusive. Her passion is in supporting individuals, businesses, and organisations to embrace diversity and inclusion, with a key focus on intersectionality. She believes meaningful change in this space only happens by enabling and enhancing understanding within organisations, applying passion, and providing people with safe spaces to have uncomfortable conversations which can affect real behaviour change. 

In 2019, Hannah founded LGBTed, a national LGBTQ+ network in order to drive meaningful and sustainable social change through enabling greater LGBTQ+ visibility in the education system. As Director, she is a member of the National Equality and Diversity Forum for education and is currently working with the Department for Education and other national education organisations to develop the national LGBTQ+ education strategy. She is a published academic author and her work on the career experiences of gay women in the UK has been featured in an international research handbook exploring diversity and careers.

In addition to consulting with C&E Advisory, Hannah is the Director of Engaging for Success, an organisation that delivers solutions to support organisations in becoming more inclusive. Her consulting engagements include delivering impactful D&I workshops for organisations; developing behavioural competency frameworks and assessment solutions across a range of sectors; consulting with Academy trusts nationally on the LGBTQ+ inclusion agenda, providing organisations with support on the development of pan diversity and inclusion strategies and designing bespoke leadership programmes at all levels - with a particular focus on key career transition points. 

Hannah specialises in leadership development training, diversity and inclusion, OD and talent and has worked with diverse range of organisations which include: Itsu, Highways England, Sony Pictures Europe, HM Treasury, Office for Nuclear Regulation, Booking.com, RentalCars, Imperial College London and NHS Wales, Big Education Trust, Co-op Group, DAZN, and Leeds Beckett University. 

Hannah’s speaking engagements have included: Department for Education’s national diversity and inclusion forum, House of Commons LGBTQ+ forum with minister for schools, Bright Network LGBTQ+ Illuminate series, Wellington festival of education, Sheffield Hallam festival of education, numerous national diversity and inclusion conferences including Diverse Educators 2020 online, Clear Company LGBTQ communities and Covid-19 webinar series, ‘Let’s talk about’ inclusion series with Leeds Beckett University, Inclusion in the time of Covid-19 with the Global Citizenship Foundation.

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