Kerry Pond


Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” -Zora Neale Hurston. “Research is creating new knowledge.” -Neil Armstrong

Inspired by these insights, and driven by a curious mind, Kerry considers online research to be the means by which she satisfies her own curiosity and those of the C&E clients that she works with on a variety of projects.  

Now based in Perth, Australia - one of the most isolated cities in the world - Kerry has used both her market knowledge and extensive fundraising experience to carve a niche within the C&E Team where her primary focus is: prospect research; due diligence analysis and reporting; market, brand, customer and business research and analysis, as well as individually tailored research reports. She has undertaken qualitative as well as desk research and analysis on a range of topics for clients including Allianz, Cancer Research UK, CBRE,  DMGT Media, Plan UK, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Warner Bros, UNICEF and many more.

Kerry's research is informed by a successful fundraising career spanning more than twenty years, covering all major fundraising functions, and her work as a management consultant within the not for profit sector. She has undertaken projects for organisations such as Action Research, BLISS, Charities Aid Foundation, English Heritage, Imperial War Museum (Manchester, Duxford and HMS Belfast) in addition to a number of other not for profits. 

Kerry defines her purpose as providing for our clients the quality of research she would like to receive if she were a client needing to inform a process, or make an informed strategic decision. In addition to gathering the facts, Kerry has earned a reputation for her ability to connect-the-dots through clear insight.  A stickler for integrity, accuracy, and relevance in research, she is always consistent in sticking to first principles: “What is the purpose; and where is the insight?” 

Kerry has a strong interest and deep expertise in the cross-sector partnering agenda, coupled with the ability to identify the potential of partnerships and collaborations and highlight any caveats. Her direct, no nonsense approach can be both refreshing and challenging. Kerry is highly valued for her professionalism and dedication to clients.   

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