Marelisa Vega

Community and youth development

Marelisa is a process facilitator and social development catalyst with an untiring commitment to working toward an inclusive society with equal opportunity and dignity for all. A corporate citizenship specialist, educator, and social entrepreneur with a background in psychology, Marelisa has over fifteen years of experience driving purpose-led organisational change and developing inclusive communities, in the workplace and society.

She has worked as a consultant across for profit and non-profit sectors in Latin America and the UK. In addition to consulting with C&E Advisory, she is currently Co-Director of Citizenship for GE UK & Ireland, managing the community investment strategy for an employee base of 12,000 across more than 20 sites. Her role includes designing and developing national volunteering programmes, internal organisational strategies, and strategic partnerships, with a focus on addressing the UK's gap in STEM skills and to increase diversity and inclusion in these fields. 

In Panama, she co-founded Vitálitas Consulting, where she worked on the design, delivery, evaluation, and communication of projects across women’s empowerment, social mobility, youth development, crime prevention and gang reintegration.

Marelisa worked with the Panamanian Ministry of Education, in partnership with USAID, UNICEF, Fundación Telefónica and the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States) to develop a peacebuilding Life Skills curriculum that extends beyond academics and contributes to fostering citizenship, social inclusion and mobility. She has designed high impact organisational change strategies for UK and Latin American organisations; her training and facilitation method incorporates design thinking, performance arts, positive psychology and restorative practices and has reached over 300,000 students and professionals.

Marelisa uses a human-centred approach to determine the needs of the people and organisations she works with, connecting multi-stakeholder groups in order to co-create solutions for complex societal challenges. She implements qualitative methods and desk research to ensure initiatives are backed by evidence and results. 

Marelisa has a master’s degree in Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of Cambridge, a Non-profit Management Executive Certificate from Georgetown University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Visual Arts from Barnard College, Columbia University.

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