Simone Marquis

Leadership, Culture and D&I

A highly experienced HR leader, Simone is a strategic talent consultant specialising in bringing the leadership, culture and diversity and inclusion agendas together to deliver superior outcomes for organisations - and an engaging employee experience.  She is particularly adept at engaging and influencing c-suite and broader senior leadership teams to shape and deliver on their culture change agendas.  With over 15 years of consultancy and large organisation, senior level experience, including at  BT and EE, Simone is well versed at balancing the need for best practice and market leading solutions, with a strong understanding of the operational realities of implementing change within large, complex  organisational settings.

Simone has long been deeply passionate about helping organisations to create and sustain greater value through more diverse workforces. Waking up in a diverse household everyday has provided her with deep experience and insights on issues of D&I and on intersectionality. As a result, Simone is committed to unlocking the potential of organisations to create new societal equality and equity norms whilst delivering enhanced innovation and better outcomes for costumers and users. Having operated at the most senior level of BT Group, orchestrating the Diversity, Talent and Leadership agenda, Simone is now dedicated to challenging, supporting and working alongside organisations in their journeys to making meaningful and demonstrable change.  

An accredited executive and team coach, Simone is skilled at creating the environment for authentic dialogue in order to shape strategic D&I ambitions that are inspiring, inclusive, realistic and measurable - and are crucially, embedded into the broader organisation’s people strategy. Planning and performing cultural assessments & audits and, working with executive and HR teams to shape strategy, implementation plan, and then supporting delivery processes, are key parts of Simone’s skillset. In typical C&E Advisory style, Simone is dedicated to creating value and making change that sticks. She therefore focuses on transferring capability where this is required by clients.

Simone is often called on to speak on industry panels to share her perspectives and experience on D&I, leadership, and culture. 

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